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The goal of this grant competition is to leverage ESE Networks experience in the film and audio/video industry and its experience with U.S. Education TV to provide high schools with the equipment, server storage capacity, and technical support to provide students with opportunities to earn courses toward the Audio-Video Technology and Film career pathway. This goal will be accomplished through ESE Network partnerships with middle and high schools across the state. This effort will build on ESE’s previous work in high schools around the state.

Participating schools will receive a “Studio in a Box” that will enable them to film and broadcast high-quality, HD video as well as access to the ESE Networks platform for two years. Access includes 1 TB of storage space and ESE technical support.

ALL SCHOOLS MUST provide course enrollment and extracurricular participation data in the second section of the application.

Schools receiving grants in the third phase (May 2016-June 2017) will be expected to provide assurances regarding the scheduling of training, designing supporting websites, uploading curriculum videos weekly, supporting student in extracurricular participation related to the AVF Technology pathway, and participating in student and teacher surveys related to the grant.  

Middle schools applying for the grant will be a second priority to high schools and must be feeder schools for high schools that have already received the grant or that are applying concurrently.  Middle schools must indicate in the application the following information:  1) the high school for which the middle school serves as a feeder school, 2) the course(s) in the AVF pathway currently being taught at the middle school or detailed plans the middle school has for beginning to teach the course(s) in the 2016-2017 school year, and 3) whether the high school has already received the grant or is applying simultaneously.

For more information about the grant, the assurances, or other requirements, contact Blake Coty (

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